The Curry Pizza Company

Ronan and I had the opportunity to hang out with some dear friends of ours over the weekend. We took our mutual love of pizza and at Estelle’s behest decided to try out a new (or at least new to us) local eatery: The Curry Pizza Company. If you are a fan of Indian food and all things curry and spicy then you will love the blending of these two, distinct cultural sensations.

Kimberli and Ronan secretly scheming and game planning our next visit?

The Curry Pizza Company was founded in 2006 and currently have two locations. The original shop is located at 3173 W Shaw Ave Ste. 103 in Fresno just off Marks Ave. The second shop is located at 2930 E. Nees Ave just off Willow Ave on the border to Clovis proper. Here is some copy from their website:

We created The Curry Pizza Company in 2006, as a family owned and operated restaurant. After working with different spices and other ingredients, we created a way to deliver an Italian dish with Indian tadka. We don’t just make pizza, we have created a unique and delicious way to experience food.


We decided to go with the “fan favorite” chicken tika masala option because if you can’t do a good chicken tika masala anything you shouldn’t be touting Indian fare or toppings. I was really excited about the whole experience because I love Italian pie and I love me some good Indian curry. I am pleased to report that the pizza was OUTSTANDINGLY good and gets not one, but TWO, thumbs up from me. We visited the Nees & Willow location because they have this great promo going: If everyone in your party locks up their cell phones during your dining experience then you get a free pizza on our next visit. How cool is that!?

If you are in the hunt for something new and different in and around your next Italian pie then I wholeheartedly recommend The Curry Pizza Company. The Willow and Nees store even has several great big screen TV’s if you want to catch a game with your meal. Thanks to Estelle and Kimberli for taking us out and thanks to our host for a great dish of Indian-Italian fare!