October photos

We have begun the process the of posting some of our favorite pics from last month on our Photos page. We posted a few today because some of you were asking about them. We have several more to sift through and curate. Stay tuned! We hope to finish up the page in the next day or two.

If any of you have taken some cool shots of sights and scenes around Fresno then send them over to us. We’d love to check them out too and maybe post them. You can email them to mike@fresnolandia.com. Thanks!

Bonsai tree photos at Shinzen Garden

At the Koi Show that I was at, they provided free entrance to the Shinzen Garden, of which I had only been to once! The garden was looking great as ever, and I believe there was a new line up of Bonsai trees, since I had last visited. Here are the photos.

A really, really, tiny forest!
Not a bonsai tree, but rumor has it this is where the asian gardeners reside; they’re nocturnal so they sleep here in the day.
I’d like to call this the witch hole tree.

Fresno Koi Show: Today and tomorrow

So today I biked around Woodward Park and went to the Koi Show! It’s open to the public and free and they have quite a variety of Koi; big and small, with a myriad a colors. There’s some Koi swag too, like a Koi wind cones, and Koi cookies! Of course, there’s Koi supplies, equipment, and services to properly manage your Koi, which would be awesome (one day…). I’m bewildered there’s actually a sizable society in the Central Valley for those that love and own them.

Koi Society

Further below are some pictures of the Koi I liked. If you didn’t get a chance to make it out there today don’t fret too much. You have another day to get out there. They are open tommorrow from 9am to 3pm. I also want to point out, if you’ve never seen Fresno’s Shinzen Garden, there’s free admittance to it from the Koi Show, so do take a look and make a day of it!

A bunch of little babies!
“Shark fin” Koi
The Yin and Yang Koi
A very large Koi. I’ll take a guess the net is so it won’t jump up and eat your hand whole.
Red/Orange and black Koi are admittedly my favorite color scheme.

Check out this koi show this Saturday and Sunday at Woodward Park

The 41st annual Koi Show will be hosted at the Group Activity Area inside Woodward Park this weekend. The show will run from 9am to 4pm on Saturday and then again 9am to 3pm on Sunday. There are always beautiful koi fish in the ponds at Shinzen (I’ve been there several times myself) but this weekend looks to be koi in steroids with a whole host of local and valley koi groups and lovers converging and participating.

The weather seems to want to cooperate as well. The forecast looks to be around 77 degrees on Saturday and even cooler, 72 degrees, on Sunday! This is event is free and open to the public.