Spooky season is here!

Today marks the beginning of one of my most favorite times of the year. Fall is coming and we are definitely feeling the cooler weather in the Central Valley. We are now on a 30-day march to Halloween and we already have our passes for Fright Night at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Fall is also the time that the NBA season starts (this year it’s on Oct 24th) but that will be another blog later in the month.

I wanted to give a shout out to one of the true gems in the Central Valley: Hobb’s Grove. I’ve been a fan of good horror films for ever and I love a good haunted house too. I’ve been to several, all up and down the state, and I can honestly say that this spook fest is probably one of the better ones in all of California. Hobb’s grove routinely provides a higher quality ghoulish experience and if you have never been you definitely need to check it out. There is always plenty of parking and it’s a short 20-25 minute drive to Sanger. They usually a host a haunted house, a haunted hay ride, and a haunted forest. There’s also tons of food options and plenty of hot chocolate available so you can make an entire evening out of the whole scary experience!

Hobb’s Grove is located at 14265 E Goodfellow Ave, Sanger, California 93657. Opening night this year is this Friday, October 4th and they are running an early bird type price break special for the first four night. That would be Friday, October 4th. Saturday, October 5th. Sunday October 6th and the following Thursday, October 10th. If you want more info on this great local “haunt” then make the jump! Here is a map for your added convenience:

18 thoughts on “Spooky season is here!”

  1. I’ve been a fan of good horror films for ever and I love a good haunted house too until one night I couldn’t sleep, it sounds funny but it’s real. The whole movie was just replaying in my brain like stored data. Please don’t laugh at me! Lol.

  2. Yeah, I love the spooky season too. Fun and more fun all the way.on a 30-day march to Halloween and I know everyone is so ready for this.

  3. I love Halloween. Going to Hobb’s Grove is on my mind..thanks for posting the location/map.

  4. Excellent time of the year for some grooving. I know everyone is almost set to get the ball rolling. Let get there now.

  5. The ghoulish experience and the cooler weather will make the Hobb’s groove a place perfect for horror movies. Thanks, Mike!

  6. Too bad it’s not being celebrated here. My kids will surely love the halloween nights. Trick or treat!

  7. Halloween is one of those times I always look forward to. I can’t wait to show off my costume for this year!!

  8. Hobb’s Grove is undoubtedly one of the best spook fests in California this Halloween. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

  9. It’s sad my country doesn’t celebrate Halloween like you guys do. It sure does look like a lot of fun.

    1. What country is that Oliver? Is it a cultural thing…or a religious objection? That’s too bad. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year.

  10. The haunted house and haunted hay ride are what I look forward to most. I love me a good scare haha!!

    1. The forest this time around was also very good! Hobb’s Grove managed to change things up a bit, and make the spacing better for the haunted house and the forest, which I thought made everything great.

  11. This may sound weird but I do not like this at least not the ghoul-ish part of it. I would rather dress up as a superhero or something. I know it’s the time for spooky stuff but who says it has to be scary always? Why not be an inspiration?

    1. I think you may over thinking it Scott. Lol. If you feel like being a super hero, be a super hero. Those of us who enjoy spooky fun…let us be! Haha.

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