Shame: Chick-fil-hAte on Magic Mountain

So I recently took a fun trip to Magic Mountain (Six Flags) in Santa Clarita. I was very impressed by the rides and attractions and their relatively low prices (in contrast to uber pricey Disneyland and Universal Studios). My only but significant disappointment was I noticed that they allow Chick-fil-A to sponsor the Full Throttle ride. I have a big problem with this because Chick-fil-a is a very controversial and politically charged entity infamous for donating millions to anti-gay groups; and what’s worse they continue to do so. Since everyone else is starting to ban or remove Chick-fil-A as an advertiser or sponsor I would expect big businesses like Magic Mountain to follow that example.

Hick-feel-hAte at Magic Mountain’s Full Throttle.

It’s 2019 and there has been, are, and will always be absolutely no scientific or logical reasons to oppose gay marriage or any equal rights for our community. It’s absurd that there a “charities” that pour money into denying or blocking basic human rights. I imagine that money also goes into funding unscientific, dangerous, and inhumane conversion therapy camps (only 16 states prohibit conversion “therapy”). We shouldn’t support any group that discriminates against any gays. Period.

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