My koi show collage

So if you can believe this I have never done a collage before. I love digital photography and I do a lot of as a free lance web developer but I’ve never really had an interest in collaging. I don’t know what that mean about my digital inclinations but whatever. Lol. I attended the 41st Annual Koi Show over the weekend and I was really impressed with this event. We might even do a booth next year. Anyway, I have been exploring and playing with my OnePlus 7 Pro a lot lately and I stumbled upon a collage making tool. It was super easy to use and in a few minutes…voila! My very first collage! Here are the raw, unedited photos that I used:

10 thoughts on “My koi show collage”

  1. My first collage was fun also but not as colourful as this. Wonderful pictures you’ve got there with simplicity.

  2. 41st Koi show! Wow, that’s really a long time. Collaging had been my taste d i love it, Mike!!

  3. When I see anything about koi, I comment on. Looks like you had a lot of fun being there and taking these wonderful pictures for your collage.

  4. Great collage! It really illustrates the highlights of the show. The fish and the banners look really amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I like your photography skills already. The picture came back so beautiful and you did a good job on them.

  6. The picture quality is superb. I am hearing Koi for the first time, it will be fun visiting there. I love the fish with their attractive colors. Thanks for the gesture.

  7. Good for you my friend. I always wanna get into or at least try photography out but never got the time. That said these are simple photos but it is not a bad thing. As long as you get the memory across it is okay.

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