My 1st drink as a 21 yr old! At Lucy’s Lounge.

After waiting of what seemed an eternity, I am now officially 21. The first [bar] drink I am having in my life is here at Lucy’s Lounge. Since I’ve only had one drink, I will talk about the bar’s aesthetics. It has large, beautiful TVs. I wish every sportsbars had TVs as pretty and large as this! The atmosphere of the bar, even in full daylight, has a relaxed, dimmed background. The warmlighting ensures that weary eyes won’t get sore and strained, as if a santcuary in the day, and not painful in the night. The bar-bar, where the drinks are, is very distinctive. The drinks see, to glow red, orange, to yellow and green. This reminds us that bartending and operating a bar is an art; separating the good bars from the “bad” ones.

A fresh lime gimlet
A beautiful bar and layout

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