Garfield school house arch

En route to the Sierras for some nature and snow fun last February this cool structure caught my eye. I think it’s really stoic and solemn and I just had to stop and take a pic. It’s what left of the original Garfield Elementary eons ago. I think it initially caught my eye because it has a certain nobility about it. Like a statue of a time past quietly reminding us of history. I can easily imagine kids running in and out of it while bells ring signaling the end of the school day.

Garfield school house side view

If you want to take a drive by and see this cool structure for yourself it’s located on the northwest corner of Minnewawa and Nees avenues in Clovis.

1 thought on “Garfield school house arch”

  1. Great shot! Just some history here: It last held classes in 1953. It was designated a historical landmark in February 1990 but burned down in September later that same year. Sad!

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