Fresno Koi Show: Today and tomorrow

So today I biked around Woodward Park and went to the Koi Show! It’s open to the public and free and they have quite a variety of Koi; big and small, with a myriad a colors. There’s some Koi swag too, like a Koi wind cones, and Koi cookies! Of course, there’s Koi supplies, equipment, and services to properly manage your Koi, which would be awesome (one day…). I’m bewildered there’s actually a sizable society in the Central Valley for those that love and own them.

Koi Society

Further below are some pictures of the Koi I liked. If you didn’t get a chance to make it out there today don’t fret too much. You have another day to get out there. They are open tommorrow from 9am to 3pm. I also want to point out, if you’ve never seen Fresno’s Shinzen Garden, there’s free admittance to it from the Koi Show, so do take a look and make a day of it!

A bunch of little babies!
“Shark fin” Koi
The Yin and Yang Koi
A very large Koi. I’ll take a guess the net is so it won’t jump up and eat your hand whole.
Red/Orange and black Koi are admittedly my favorite color scheme.

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