Fresno COVID-19 update

  • Total Cases: 4,374 (+321)            
    • 906 (Travel-Related)
    • 1,672 (Close Contact)
    • 1,466 (Community-Spread / Unknown)
    • 1,146 (Under Investigation)
  • Total Deaths: 72 (+1) 
  • Ever Hospitalized: 350 (+8)
  • Recovered: 1,135* (+31)
  • Total Individuals Monitored by FCDPH to Date: 7,391      
    • Currently Being Monitored: 2,723
    • Test Results Received and Processed: 50,331**
    • Tests Conducted at FCDPH: 2,634

My previous Fresno COVID-19 post was only 13 days ago. Since then, the numbers have worsened. Daily increase of cases have significantly spiked at 321 from its previous highest stat at 99. The total amount of positive cases have increased by about 90%; from approximately 2500 to almost 4400. The deaths are now 71 from 43. The amount of total testing done has more than doubled; coming from 24,522 to 50,311. The positivity rate was 8% at the time (below 8% is the mark at which CA deems a county being able to reopen…). That positvity rate is now hovering near 9%

If there’s anything good out of this, Fresno at least has been getting more testing done and much faster; there are now a total of 3 testing sites, one at Fresno City College, Sanger Community Center, and most recently, West Fresno Regional Center. Contrary to what the US President has stated (what a time we live in), most tests merely reveal more cases. The more information we have, the more accurate the numbers are, and the better we can effectively fight COVID-19 by better restricting society’s disease spreading ways.

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