Fresno covid-19 Update

Cases confirmed11,756
Testing done103,746
Positive rate11.3%
Cases to death0.9%
Population tested10.4%

It’s been 9 days since my last update. Since then, testing has increased in 19% (16,294), while positive cases increased by 29% (2,632); the positivity rate among these new cases are 16%, just like last time. The positivity rate has almost increased by 1% once again, from 10.4% to 11.3%. Other than these basic COVID-19 statistics, there are other stats that are troubling.

12% of children (under 18) have been/are infected with COVID-19 in the Central Valley. Due This is most disturbing because children are in no way immune to COVID-19, and can suffer additional complications, such as MIS-C (multi-system inflammation that can occur in numerous other organs, such as the brain, GI tract, kidneys, the heart, and so on), and even aneurysms. In addition to these serious complications, children will also perpetuate the spread of COVID-19. 5.3% of people that kids (up to 9 years old) will contract COVID-19. For kids even older, 18.6% of the people they contact will contract COVID-19. (Source)

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