Fresno covid-19 update

Cases confirmed9,124
Testing done87,452
Positive rate10.43%
Cases to death1%
Population tested8.75%
July 16 Statistics for Fresno County

I am always in shock, but not surprised when I see the new statistics every week for my Fresno covid-19 update. In one mere week there has been been an increase in new cases by 20% (1497). Alongside that, the positivity rate jumped from 9.7% to 10.4%. Among the new cases versus total new testing, the positvity rate for that is 16% (making it likely that 16% of all Fresnans are positive). That is double the 8% threshhold in which counties have had to unreopen.

Also, California now has a single dashboard in which data for all counties can be seen (which is newly linked on Fresno County’s website). One shocking statistic from that is that from two weeks ago to today, the total number of cases have increased by 76% (4079)! Also, just some additional notes: Fresno County’s dashboard no longer updates daily, now only updating 2x a week.

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