Don’t forget to vote today!

Today is the local special election for the open District 2 seat on the Fresno City Council. District 2 generally covers Northwest Fresno and is open because Steve Brandau was successful in his bid for a seat on the Fresno County Board of Supervisors this past June. If you are registered to vote and live in the district then today is the day you make your voice heard for the candidate of you choice.

A candidate needs 51% of the vote to win the seat out right according to special election rules. If no one candidate is able to snag that 51% then the two top vote getters will square off in another election in November. This District 2 replacement will serve out the remainder of Steve Brandau’s term which ends in November 2020. I’m very interested to see how today plays out. I’ll be voting for Michael Karbassi this time round and if want to know more about him you can do at his official campaign website.

Regardless of who your preference is it’s unbelievably important to take part in the process and exercise your right to vote. Now is not that time to disengage or get so discouraged that you disconnect from the process of democracy. Decisions are made by those who show up. So go vote!