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We did some work over the weekend on our Calendar page and I think we have nailed at least a temporary solution to a more visually appealing layout. We had previously tried a couple of plugins that gave us a bona fide calendar (grid) view but the modules were bulky and really obtrusive on the back end in the admin panel so we scraped them. I have been wanting to spruce up the page somehow without creating a lot of work for us behind the scenes.

While tinkering with the page I found myself toying with some of the built in editor tools. I turned on the “drop cap” feature in some of the individual blocks and changed the background color. I was pleasantly surprised at the results. I’m not sure if this is what I want for the page long-term but I love how it pops visually so it’ll do for now!

Check out the Calendar page here.

9 thoughts on “Check out our new Calendar page”

  1. I really like the entire layout of the calendar. Makes it easy to read, with all the important details put in as well. Quite an excellent job you put together!

  2. This is awesome.. I hope the layout of the calendar page is appealing.. I need to check it out.. Nice one

  3. Whaoooo… This is amazing. What a good job you have done. Me having a scan through right away. Its a nice and brilliant work, keep it up and going guys.

  4. The amazing thing is jot even the result but the ability to toy around the tools. I’m glad that you’ve learnt something appealing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is lovely, change is the only constant thing in nature. It always good to change things up. I’m sure your new calendar page will be a bang.

  6. Short but simple I love that. It might need a few tweaks design wise because it may look too plain. However, that is just me. The simpler the better I guess.

  7. Nailed at least a temporary solution to a more visually appealing layout can be frustrating a times but believe me, it’s a starting point. Nice write up, short and precise. Doesn’t lose any juice at all because of its length. Kudos

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