Central Valley bars ordered to close by the state…again

This is hot off the press: The State of California has ordered bars in the Valley to close again. You could see this coming a mile away. As our numbers of new COVID-19 cases continues to spike locally, statewide, and nationally there was just no way around it.

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COVID-19 spike is worrisome

I have been super uneasy for weeks now because I think in general we have been opening things up too much and too soon as folks are anxious to turn the page on the pandemic. While sheltering in definitely sucks the only thing worse than shutting down the economy is having to do it all over it again at some point this summer. I caught this article on GV Wire today:

The California Department of Public Health is paying extra attention to Fresno County after a spike in coronavirus cases. Dr. Rais Vohra said Fresno County’s doubling rate of the disease is now two weeks. It was three weeks not long ago. Fresno County Department of Public Health’s Interim Health Officer Rais Vohra announced the development to reporters during a Monday afternoon Zoom call.

“We’ve actually come to the attention of the state because our positivity rate has gone above 8%. That’s the threshold underneath where we need to stay at,” Vohra said. Vohra also says Fresno County’s doubling rate of the disease is now two weeks. It was three weeks not long ago. GV Wire asked Vohra if there’s any fear we may not be able to open more areas of the county on Friday when phase 3 can begin. His response: “It’s a concern.”

With bars and restaurants and many other venues set to open this Friday these findings could mean that we are on a collision course with a brick building called coronavirus. I don’t know if we will be able to slow done enough or in time to avoid more senseless and needless deaths.

Hat tip for this blog goes to Jim Jakobs over at GV Wire.

Amid local spike in coronavirus cases Fresno County urges residents to get tested

This is hot off the press from ABC Action News: California is now ranked 23rd in the nation for COVID-19 testing, up four spots from last week, according to data collected by ABC 30 and other ABC owned TV stations.

CVS adding 91 drive-thru sites, statewide, could drastically improve the ranking.

Director of retail operations Amy Winchell says, “They will be helping minorities as well as those who don’t have access to health care.”

But not everyone can get tested at the CVS drive-thru sites.

Those seeking a test will have to fill out an online questionnaire to see if they meet eligibility requirements, established by the CDC, or are considered a first responder.

You can read full article and watch the video clip after the jump.

Free face mask drive-thru event

Need a face mask? Want to stock up on your personal supply just in case? There will be a free face mask drive thru pick-up event on Monday, May 18th from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. The event will be hosted at Fresno City College in the parking lot off McKinley Ave closer to the rail road tracks and Blackstone Ave.

This event is being hosted by Fresno City Council member Esmeralda Soria and SCCCD trustee Annalisa Perea. There is no charge for the mask and they’ll be handed out on a first-come first-serve basis until supplies last.

Don’t forget your face mask!

Fresno starts the new shelter-in-place order today that extends to May 31st. This new order also comes with a requirement that everyone who goes out into the public must wear a mask. While we are loosening measures slightly and allowing some important businesses to open their doors, most on a limited and restricted basis, there is an added emphasis on containing the spread and hoping for the best. I’m not sure we should be loosening any restrictions on businesses at all because it’s clear no one has a handle on exactly where we are in this pandemic. The only thing worse than the economy continuing to crash is opening things up too soon and getting hit with a second wave of COVID-19 infections in a month or two. How in the hell do we recover from that?

Here is the press conference Mayor Lee Brand held regarding this new shelter-in-place chapter we all have to endure.