OnePlus 5T for sale: $289

If you’ve never heard of Oneplus, they are a smartphone company that churns out really cost effective phones with decent specs. The OnePlus 5T was announced in 2017. It is a global, dual sim smartphone with impressive specs that still makes it quite the performer. And yes it has a headphone jack. It is in fair condition. Everything works of course and there are absolutely no cracks. There is some noticeable physical damage is to the corners, however. You be the judge of that in the pictures below.

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Fresno COVID-19 update

  • Total Cases: 4,374 (+321)            
    • 906 (Travel-Related)
    • 1,672 (Close Contact)
    • 1,466 (Community-Spread / Unknown)
    • 1,146 (Under Investigation)
  • Total Deaths: 72 (+1) 
  • Ever Hospitalized: 350 (+8)
  • Recovered: 1,135* (+31)
  • Total Individuals Monitored by FCDPH to Date: 7,391      
    • Currently Being Monitored: 2,723
    • Test Results Received and Processed: 50,331**
    • Tests Conducted at FCDPH: 2,634
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Free COVID-19 Testing!

Fresno City College is providing free COVID-19 testing. As you know, testing hasn’t really been widely available for most people; unless they were fortunate enough to receive free testing or are already at risk or work a job that requires copious amounts of contact. The testing site will be in the gymnasium at Fresno City College (N College Ave, Fresno, CA 93704). It extends through Monday to Friday, and from 7:00AM to 7:00PM. Do note at 12:00PM-1:00PM the site will be closed for lunch break. It’s important to recognize that 80% of COVID-19 cases are mild or asymptomatic, so do the responsible thing of taking a free test to save lives! You must schedule an appointment via the link below or by phone (1-888-634-1123) in order to get tested.

Central Valley’s Madera Wine Trail

The Madera Wine Trail is a collaboration of nine family wineries in Madera County, belonging to the Madera Vintners Association. As such, the wineries are quaint; cute and relatively small. This gives you an opportunity to potentially meet the winemakers themselves (I can attest to that at Papagni’s). Six of the wineries are near the 99, with three to the west and another three to the east. The other three of them are further up north on the 41, between Oakhurst and the 145. I would consider the Madera Wine Trail the Central Valley’s hidden gem; a gem that should be visited especially if you live in Fresno (since the wineries aren’t very far!).

As of last week, all of these wineries have began to open up. However, not all of the wineries are opening up the same way, as some don’t have tasting rooms open at the moment. I can confirm that two wineries did have their tasting rooms open: San Joaquin Winery and Papagni Wines. Be sure to check out the Madera Wine Trail map (the featured image of this post) for each winery’s hours, website, and number before visiting them.