Central Valley bars ordered to close by the state…again

This is hot off the press: The State of California has ordered bars in the Valley to close again. You could see this coming a mile away. As our numbers of new COVID-19 cases continues to spike locally, statewide, and nationally there was just no way around it.

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Dell workstation for sale

We have a Dell Inspiron 3668 desktop workstation for sale and it’s loaded with great some features! This is a complete system that comes with a monitor and printer as well. Here are the specs:

CPU: Dell Inspiron 3668, Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100 @ 3.90 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive, newer 5 GHz Wi-Fi, Keyboard & Mouse.

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Chase bank sidewalk chalk art

I’m generally a night owl by nature anyway but when the weather gets hot in June, July, and August I try and only come out at night. On one of my 9pm jaunts I walked by my local Chase bank location to do some banking via the ATM. This kind of caught my eye! I appreciated the tagger using chalk when they got inspired because it’s not permanent and washes right off. Good thinking. 🙂

COVID-19 spike is worrisome

I have been super uneasy for weeks now because I think in general we have been opening things up too much and too soon as folks are anxious to turn the page on the pandemic. While sheltering in definitely sucks the only thing worse than shutting down the economy is having to do it all over it again at some point this summer. I caught this article on GV Wire today:

The California Department of Public Health is paying extra attention to Fresno County after a spike in coronavirus cases. Dr. Rais Vohra said Fresno County’s doubling rate of the disease is now two weeks. It was three weeks not long ago. Fresno County Department of Public Health’s Interim Health Officer Rais Vohra announced the development to reporters during a Monday afternoon Zoom call.

“We’ve actually come to the attention of the state because our positivity rate has gone above 8%. That’s the threshold underneath where we need to stay at,” Vohra said. Vohra also says Fresno County’s doubling rate of the disease is now two weeks. It was three weeks not long ago. GV Wire asked Vohra if there’s any fear we may not be able to open more areas of the county on Friday when phase 3 can begin. His response: “It’s a concern.”

With bars and restaurants and many other venues set to open this Friday these findings could mean that we are on a collision course with a brick building called coronavirus. I don’t know if we will be able to slow done enough or in time to avoid more senseless and needless deaths.

Hat tip for this blog goes to Jim Jakobs over at GV Wire.

Yoshino closes its doors in River Park

Yoshino Japanese Restaurant is yet another River Park business to bug out of the north Fresno mega shopping center. This one hurts. Yoshino was one of the original classy, home grown eateries to anchor the new shopping center back in the day. Super delicious and not incredibly pricey, Yoshino was a great place to eat and a credit to local culinary excellence. While it’s unclear as to the specifics, what we know is Yoshino did not renew their lease, which expired in May.

I know businesses come and go and this is especially true for restaurants. That’s just the ebb and flow of the market. I always thought they could do a better job of marketing themselves. They were in a prime spot with plenty of drive by and foot traffic so location wasn’t the problem. The last time I ate there I remember thinking to myself, “Man, there is no signage and all the windows are tinted black. If you didn’t frequent the shopping center you might not even notice it or know it was a restaurant from just passing by.” Maybe they already knew they weren’t going to renew the lease and were just trying to run out the clock.

When River Park first opened, and many were saying that such a mega shopping was a big city thing and wouldn’t work in Fresno, the little strip that led up to Edwards Stadium 21 theatre, was really all there was in terms of food. Those first twin towers of local eats were Yoshino and Dai Bai Dang (a local Asian fusion spot). When I was doing sponsor development for Reel Pride in graduate school we used to take clients and potential higher end donors there dinner and drinks. With Yoshino gone now it really feels like the end of the era.