OnePlus 5T for sale: $289

If you’ve never heard of Oneplus, they are a smartphone company that churns out really cost effective phones with decent specs. The OnePlus 5T was announced in 2017. It is a global, dual sim smartphone with impressive specs that still makes it quite the performer. And yes it has a headphone jack. It is in fair condition. Everything works of course and there are absolutely no cracks. There is some noticeable physical damage is to the corners, however. You be the judge of that in the pictures below.

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Central Valley bars ordered to close by the state…again

This is hot off the press: The State of California has ordered bars in the Valley to close again. You could see this coming a mile away. As our numbers of new COVID-19 cases continues to spike locally, statewide, and nationally there was just no way around it.

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Dell workstation for sale

We have a Dell Inspiron 3668 desktop workstation for sale and it’s loaded with great some features! This is a complete system that comes with a monitor and printer as well. Here are the specs:

CPU: Dell Inspiron 3668, Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100 @ 3.90 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive, newer 5 GHz Wi-Fi, Keyboard & Mouse.

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Fresno COVID-19 update

  • Total Cases: 4,374 (+321)            
    • 906 (Travel-Related)
    • 1,672 (Close Contact)
    • 1,466 (Community-Spread / Unknown)
    • 1,146 (Under Investigation)
  • Total Deaths: 72 (+1) 
  • Ever Hospitalized: 350 (+8)
  • Recovered: 1,135* (+31)
  • Total Individuals Monitored by FCDPH to Date: 7,391      
    • Currently Being Monitored: 2,723
    • Test Results Received and Processed: 50,331**
    • Tests Conducted at FCDPH: 2,634
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